Universal-Advanced Converter Technology

An innovative and highly reliable single-stage solution for 3 phase AC-DC conversion on Wind Farms without the need for a common connection. 


Our Technology

The increase in carbon neutral technologies has created the need for better connection techniques to satisfy demand. Wind farms have traditionally relied on large bulky transformers for connection. With the demand for precious earth metals soaring due to the increase in electrification, these large transformers are dramatically increasing cost and the carbon investment of medium voltage connections. U-ACT is a unique alternative for medium voltage 3-phase AC-DC connection.

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The Benefits

  • U-ACT can reduce the use of precious earth metals by 70% when compared to conventional bulky transformers. 
  • U-ACT is a single-stage solution, meaning the configuration is bridgeless with no need for a rectifier. 
  • The output from U-ACT is controllable, configurations that only use rectifiers are not. 
  • U-ACT does not need connection for the common line, other single stage controllable solutions cannot operate without this connection. 
  • U-ACT is modular so it can be scaled.